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Services Brazil

The Service Consultant Brazil is born to support the Association Nonprofit "Development Agency of Brazil Nordeste" (www.agenziabrasile.it).

The Consultant Brazil & nbsp; works to support the competitiveness of the economic and entrepreneurial system in the Brazilian market. Through its services, it supports the internationalization processes of small and medium-sized companies looking for new business opportunities in Brazil.

Welcome to know about the services of the Consultant Brazil since 2004 eliminates the problems of the processes of internazionalization in Brazil  by decoding the best business opportunities for the Italian market.

For successful entry into Brazil, you need a particular understanding: the size of the Brazilian market and its growth potential; any competitors; the regulation of sectors; of the reasons that drive demand and possible developments of the latter; of the tax and labor law issue.

Per avere successo in Brasile, serve una comprensione profonda del mercato, dei settori a più alto potenziale, degli aspetti regolamentari, fiscali e legali.

The Consultant Brazil has decoded and operates in the following strategic investment areas where we can create development actions, with the aim of creating synergies and investing between Inernational companies and Brazilian companies.

The "Consultant Brazil since 2007 is formes from Italian and Brazilian professionals, offering information and advice to internationalize Italian companies and institutions interested in the Brazilian market.