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For successful entry into Brazil, you need a particular understanding: the size of the Brazilian market and its growth potential; any competitors; the regulation of sectors; of the reasons that drive demand and possible developments of the latter; of the tax and labor law issue.

It should be emphasized that the entrance to the Brazilian market has to follow a process of planning and control of the business plan that will show the exact resource requirements and redditivitàcdel project.

Pre-market analysis

Market Analysis

• analysis of the value chain
• market research on the needs and behaviors of users
• Demand Forecasting
• Risk analysis (s.w.o.t analysis)
• mapping of the regulatory environment
• analysis of barriers to entry
• disponibilitàdelle resources
• Analysis of expenses

Selection of the market in Brazil 

Evaluation of business capabilities

• business skills
• business planning and strategy
• analysis SWOTS

Market selection / placement

• mapping the internal expertise than the market opportunitàdi
• Assign prioritàalle opportunitàpotenziali market

Evaluation of input options

• assessing options for input (acquisition, joint venture, etc.) based on market valuations and capacitàinterne

Preparation for entry into the market


• identify and target profiling
• prioritization of targets: the long list, short list and ranking

Alliances / Joint Ventures

• Identifying and selecting partners
• Assessing the potential for growth and synergies
• operational planning

Project to Develop (greenfield)

• Development of a business plan
• selection of the location / site, product, etc.
• build a financial model
• operational planning
• incentives and tax structure
• preparation of the roadmap



• approach to the target
• preliminary due diligence
• Detailed due diligence
• evaluation, negotiation of the agreement, tax structuring
• Closing / IntegrazioneValutazione

Alliances / Joint Ventures

• Assessment and Planning
• closure and implementation
• integrazioneGreenfield

Project to Develop (greenfield)

• implementation of the business plan
• planning and operational planning
• supply
• acquisition and / or construction of buildings
• staff recruitment
• Planning and control of the roll-out
• assessment of the location / identification of the site