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Welcome to know about the services of the Consultant Brazil since 2004 eliminates the problems of the processes of internazionalization in Brazil  by decoding the best business opportunities for the Italian market.

The services have a pragmantico and practical approach based on real business needs to do Business, differing from simple institutional services mainly dedicated to the promotion

The market today demands a more human figure and more capable in interpersonal relationships.

For this Consultant Brazil has passion, energy and is able to see things as they are and to manage multiple priorities, making decisions profitable without fear, it is flexible in the face of change and resilient in the face of confusion. 

Let's see how we work

The first step is analysis of the industry and input mode

Important is the understanding of the "System Brazil" by Bench-marking, planning the collection of information and its assessment of the market (demand, supply and entry options).

The second step is the Due Diligence focused on the preparation for entry into the market

Identification of the forms of entry and investment (mergers / acquisitions, local partners); tax assistance and tax and business plan development.

Third step is the Plan of Implementation Active

Definition of the action plan at the entrance of the Brazilian market; implementation of due diligence; definition of costs and expenses; closing negotiations based on the Brazilian legal system legal. 

Step Four Aspects financial investments are tax and customs

Evaluation of the characteristics of the Brazilian law; transfer pricing; main federal taxes; tax benefits; import regime; incentives for investment.


The Consultant Brazil resolves problems that no one expected, seeing things that others do not see and contacted people who need to communicate with each other. 

We do not lose in too many explanations about what should be done, but we do it, finding solutions with concrete answers that we transfer through consolidated results to our clients partner to give them a way to grow together 

If you want operate in an immediate and selective way taking direct control of the project with Italian Management graduated in London and with direct knowledge of the Brazilian domestic market

The Consultant Brazil already has the solution for your company </ em>, just call us to confirm.

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