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Consultancy request manganese from China, and through the network of contacts in Brazil we were able to find it in one of the northern states of Brazil.

 manganese3.jpgThe material that we found through our research n detail was 250 million tonnes stacked as the photo below.

After confirming everything with my contacts in the state we meet the president of the mine and then have the chance to buy the mineral and technical specifications with high quality, I took in 48 h the airplane and I visited the offices of the President of the mine.

The next day we went to visit the mine, it took 3 h for 200 km of journey into the Amazon forest of which was about 150 km. The material was stacked in a strip of 250 300 m high around 30 m. .

The following day was visiting the port for loading of the material was analyzed and the logistics of transport by train.

After the report on the material of the mine and the logistics we focused on the contract.

After a couple of days we had come to a final draft of the contract that required special attention to the manner and timing of the of vessels at the port.
As mentioned the Comodity are tough and only work in the field may crumble.

The journey to the end for various reasons it was dangerous both from the standpoint of personal security is the aspect of health due to various situations such as yellow fever, dengue, water with cyanide, etc.. but as someone says "business is business" ... even if it could also be Copacabana;)