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For an Italian company international manufacturer of radio transmitters power grid, we verified the possibility to enter Brazil in order to participate in international tenders.

Sample ImageFirstly we checked the possibility of medium and large scale projects to be implemented in Brazil in the years to follow. Having seen a rapid progression of development of the sector has decided to investigate the mode of market entry.


After checking the standard mode of entry as well as timing of the medium-long term, 12.24 months for the bureaucracy we found a better form that has created much interest in the Italian company, as made operational without having to invest capital in advance. The form was to have one company with all the documentation in order and know-how in brasil, a companies producing electricity in Brazil through international contracts, which we offered the possibility to take part of the business, also the manager was very close if not within the department of international procurement of a Brazilian producer.

The interesting thing is that even if the supplier Brazilian undercapitalized formally joined the Italian company, he would benefit with italian capital to participate in international tenders in which any winnings will be covered only by the Italian capital and only after winning the international ban from the italian institutions.

This situation the Italian company to place winnings can be easily able to see national SACE and Simest services asking for money for the project without having to spend money in advance with monumental costs for all registrations.

If you wonder what the Italian company has spent ... we can say, virtually nothing, if we don't count our manager for the project .