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Opportunities for the cosmetic market related the of production "outsourcing". Created with a Partneship of a Brazilian cosmetics brand with 400 stores and 32000th representatives and a mutual experience in contract manufacturing. 

We offer for the cosmetic market the opportunity to have competitively priced products account third fully customizable from cheap to high quality products.

Now, globalization is not new to anyone, even in the cosmetics industry, Brazil is a country interesting enough to see top international brands like Colgate or Italian franchising as Yamamay who sell products made entirely in Italy, Brazil.

From this we place ourselves as partners with companies to develop new products or simply products have already been done but more affordable.

After visiting the trade fair Cosmoprof Bologna and felt the market trends we now realize that profit margins are very narrow in Italy and in most cases games are based tax and financial rather than on a genuine contribution margin.

With this in mind we offer the opportunity of creating a third party that can respond to all requests to be chemical, physical, or simply attractive packaging products with large volume.

To support our system is the biggest industry in South America in this field and through a friend and president of an important brand of cosmetics in Brazil are receiving special treatment for long-time customers and large volumes (economy of scale, is no matter to get there but who get there).

A new proposal for the cosmetic market, which unfortunately for the manufacturers do not improve their situation. The point is that entrepreneurs missed to be  proactive and lost the chance to convey this situation in a efficient productive manner.

As mentioned in other articles .. "Business is Business"

For contacts call ITALY +39 02 89959370 and ask for Antonio.