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For the President of Pernambuco Sindvest we analyzed the production of some 20 industries between Varese and Como Lecco Milan urgently looking for high quality fabrics made in Italy silk, cotton and linen for clothing and fabrics for men's shirts imported from Brazil.

The reasons for the research are to be found within the textile center Pernambuco with which the pressure of the Chinese market as was done in Italy has been trying to move up a level from one side to a medium-low-end midrange.
This could occur through the use of materials made in Italy and then carry the Italian quality as a material to be able to offer designer Brazilian and implement them in their collections.

Another interesting factor was that the seasonal adjustment of Italian products in the field of fashion arriving in Brazil, or one year after the fashion shows in Europe, in the same way to purchase products directly from suppliers of top Italian designers using the same materials but customize the colors for the Brazilian market would have reached a twofold innovation: new materials for use in the Brazilian fashion designers with an advance of one year to what is currently offered in Brazil.

Were collected several hundred samples with different companies and sent to be analyzed in relation to the quality, volume, and price.

When the job is all excited about the quality but the price was really high, an extreme example was the colored silk around € 25 per meter. Now we think that a dress uses about 2 m and half of which must be added the cost of import and transport. This creates a situation where for a dress only raw material we roam around the 100 euro around 300 Reais at the time that has complicated the situation by making the project only for the high-end Brazilian fashion.