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Small and medium-sized businesses in central and northern regions of Italy interested to 'internationalization can now call the Northeast Brazil Development Agency, based in Comune di Varese.

Launched last June , the agency aims to promote trade relations between the respective regions in Brazil and Italy . "We want to be primarily the representation of small and medium-sized Italian companies , in an area of niche still unknown in Italy ," says Antonio Ferrara , President of Operations of the institution. The agency has the support of the municipality of Varese , which provided space and infrastructure for its operation .

According to Ferrara, who for three and a half years he was Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce Italo -Brazilian Northeast in Brazil, the Brazilian Northeast region is the geographical area with the highest economic growth rate in the world " projections estimate that within 10 years, the Brazilian Northeast will be featured in an explosion of development . There are already significant investment by the Brazilian government in the area, as the project of Transnordestina , disclosed by President Lula , which consists of a mesh of 9000 km railway connecting the main ports of the region , even reaching the Amazon , " says the president the agency.

Ferrara said that , in his experience in Brazil, has found many Italian entrepreneurs not prepared for the reality of the country, especially in the Northeast. The purpose of the Agency , through associations, provide opportunities for right people , who will, capacity and appropriate projects to be implemented. In fact, the agency's goal is to provide support to businesses through a more fluid possibilities of internationalization , coordinating the two economic realities , Italian and Brazilian, so that they can tackle a journey together.

So , having already approved the statute and the structure of the institution , the task dell'Assessorato in the first six months will be to promote contact with the Secretariats of State and , later, with the development agencies of the Brazilian Northeast . The forecasts are organizing a first mission in Brazil for January / February 2008, when decoded will be on site each business opportunities.

The Agency already has 11 entities, including the API - Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Varese - which has more than 1,400 member companies. "This is only the beginning , we already have contacts with companies and associations interested in joining in Piedmont , Umbria , Veneto , Tuscany and Emilia Romagna ," says Ferrara. And, in the future , the prospects are to act as partners of local development agencies during the operational phases of the business . Ferrara then announces, " we aim to be from both sides to create a continuous flow of communication " and transform desire and entrepreneurial projects


11.00 Greetings Attilio Fontana , mayor of Varese

11.15 Speech by Ambassador Antonio Augusto Dayrell de Lima , Consul General

from Brazil to Milan 11.30  Salvatore Giordano , Councillor for Productive Activities , Municipality of Varese

11.45 Antonio Ferrara , representative in Italy Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Northeast

12.00 Buffet to follow at the Art Hotel Via Bertini 3 , Varese