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The figure of a Project Manager Brazil is highly innovative and eliminates several problems encountered in the process of internationalization, thanks to the experience already acquired in Brazil and Italy.

These are just some strategic key  factors for hiring a the Project Manager Brazil.

  1. The first factor is to be keep under direct control the project with qualified personnel for the Brazilian market.
  2. The second factor is to work with Italian trained in Management Business School in London and Master of Local Economic Development in Italy, with the security of having a manager that will take care of the project in a practical and pragmantic approach.
  3. Third factor is the work permits which in this case the Brazilian permanent permit with dual citizenship eliminates the problems of visas and work permits in brazil, and for the recruitment of staff with international flavouring.
  4. The fourth factor is the knowledge of the Brazilian domestic market, that understand the business associations / political basis for knowing the actual mechanisms and interdependencies in Brazil.
  5. The fifth factor is the network of institutional and entrepreneurs  contacts that can be concentrated in the figure of a Project Manager, providing a turnkey service covering the different areas (institutional, legal, accounting and operational).
  6. The sixth factor is to make an immediate and selective in the project without having to plan months before and the possibility to be operative from the first day.
  7. The seventh factor is the honesty to say if the project is feasible, and if not or will not bring the expected results, we will not be support and we avoid unnecessary expenses.
  8. The last point is related to the knowledge of decoding the way of thinking between Italy and Brazil. That means that in Italy we have a way of thinking direct while in Brazil is a circular thinking and understanding the circular Brazilian thoughts is the key factor for doing business in Brazil


If you need a manager to develop your business in Brazil contact us and see how we can support your business.